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What to do when a Storm Hits?

When mother nature strikes, the results can sometimes be devastating. Damage from hail and wind can sometimes be difficult to detect so it’s important to have your roof inspected right after storms pass. If you notice missing shingles or interior leaking, it is urgent to have the roof repaired or temporarily repaired as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn if it’s best to repair, replace or file a claim with your insurance company.

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Different Types Of Storm Damages
To Be Aware Of

Different Types Of Storm Damages To Be Aware Of


Living in Raleigh means sometimes having to deal with brutal hail storms. Hail damage can become a serious and costly problem if left untreated. Our consultants are trained to identify roof damage caused by hail such as dents, bruises, cracks and granular loss that overtime will affect the structural integrity of your roof. Once this happens your roof is more susceptible to interior damage.


High winds can cause severe damage to your roof. High winds will first begin by breaking adhesive seals on the shingles making them more susceptible. Shingles then become wind-damaged by increasing winds that then tear, crease or detach the shingles from the roof. When the wind dies down, your shingles may lay back in place and appear to be perfectly fine while leaving your roof compromised. Missing or wind damage shingles leave your decking exposed causing water to penetrate through your roofing system causing interior leaks. Anytime you experience high winds in your area, it’s essential to get an inspection to ensure the security of your roof.

Examples Of Residential
Storm Damage

Often it is very difficult to identify storm damage without getting up on the roof. Here are some images to help identify some things to look out for after a hail or wind storm. If you are ever unsure, contact Emerald Roofing and we’ll be able to assist you further.

Let us Handle the Claim for you!

Don’t Stress out about the insurance process and let the professionals take care of your claim. We hire a public adjuster to take care of the claim from start to finish; in fact, you don’t even need to file the claim. We bring in the insurance specialists (public adjusters) to take all the stress off of filing an insurance claim. They will help maximize your claim so you don’t need to worry about any additional costs outside of your deductible and upgrades. At the end of the day we are contractors and not insurance specialists; we bring in the professionals to put your best foot forward when filing an insurance claim. Best of all; this service comes at no additional cost to you.

Our Storm Damage Inspection
Process is Quick & Efficient

Our Storm Damage Inspection Process is
Quick & Efficient

Step 1 - Schedule Inspection

Give us a call or fill out our contact form today to schedule your free roof inspection.

Step 2 - Inspect Roof

One of our roofers will conduct a thorough 360º inspection of your roof to check for damage.

Step 3 - Assessment of Storm Damage

After our inspection, we will analyze the damage and see if there is sufficient damage to pursue a claim.

Step 4 -
File Claim

We’ll submit your insurance claim and schedule an inspection with the insurance company.

Step 5 - Review Estimate

Once we receive the estimate from your insurance, we will review the estimate together and put together a plan for the replacement of your roof.

Step 6 - Roof Replacement

Once the contract is signed, we’ll schedule your roof replacement, order materials and get your project on our calendar.

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